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TWP Deck Stain and Preservative.

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TWP 100 Series
Wood Deck Stain

TWP 1500 Series
Wood Deck Stain

gemini restore a deck cleaner

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twp 100 stain

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TWP 1500 stain

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Restore-A-Deck Cleaner and Brightener system. A powerful “Eco-friendly” two part restoration process. Restore-A-Deck Cleaner deep cleans your wood, then Restore-A-Deck Brightener follows this powerful cleansing with a brightening formula that will brighten your exterior wood.We sell  cleaner separate if you are cleaning a pressure treated wood deck and do not need the brightener or simply need additional cleaner.  It is  recommend that all new decks get cleaned prior to sealing them with TWP stain.Prior decks or fences that are sealed with TWP stain can be easily removed with this cleaner.MORE INFORMATION OR ORDER TWP 100 Series exterior Stain.  TWP® 100 series wood deck stain is a unique combination of chemicals in a professional strength, easy to apply formula that protects and preserves all exterior wood DECKS in 5 ways:

  • Water Repellent – Prevents Water Absorption
  • Stops U.V. Damage
  • Helps Prevent Wood Rot
  • Resistant to Mold and Mildew
  • Easy to Apply and Maintain
  • Oil based preservative stain
  • Can be brushed or sprayed
  • Available in sample size
  • Will stain or stick to chinking
  • 100 series can be shipped to Georgia & Michigan
  • Highly rated by wood deck owners and deck contractors
  • Easy to remove
  • Oil based wood sealer




TWP® 1500 Series stain has more solids than the 100 series. TWP 1500 is a matte finish and is V.o.C. compliant.  It is available in all states where the 100 series is not. An oil based preservative that prevents wood decay and structural damage above ground to exterior wood.

  • Will add color & richness to the wood for some color
  • Seals the Wood for protection
  • Can be used on all Decking Wood – Cedar, Redwood, Ipe, Pressure Treated Pine, others
  • Cedar Shake and Roofing Shingles
  • Wood Fences
  • Timber Framed Homes such as Log Homes and Cedar Sided Homes
  • Next day shipping to Ohio
  • Oil based wood sealer


where to buy twp stain  FAST UPS SHIPPING   Receive stain next day to most parts of Michigan & Ohio.

We ship UPS, which is typically 1-3 day shipping. Free Shipping sites ship slower FedEx 3-7 ground shipping, PLUS our overall price is lower than the “Free Shipping” TWP stain sites. Compare for yourself.  If were not the lowest price you find simply call. We have trained professionals in the office to answer most questions and process your order. If you happen to find TWP wood protector at a lower price contact us to beat it.  TWP stain is the preferred exterior wood protector by deck contractors.  

We offer the lowest overall price among any TWP online dealers or local Retailer.

TWP preservative is a top rated exterior deck stain that is not found in box stores and is hard to find the full line-up of  colors in paint stores especially in Georgia, Missouri, and Michigan.  Order online and save on MSRP and  and no sales tax in all states sales except Michigan.  Most local paint stores and lumberyards only stock the popular TWP Cedartone 101, we have all the colors in stock. We offer fast shipping and low online price for homeowners and contractors.  TWP is popular on all DIY sites and with deck builders.  The secret is TWP stain is very easy to reapply and remove.  Most other deck stains require heavy strippers or professional cleaning.  Twp is very easy to apply and remove.  Next day shipping to Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois.  Not sure on color?  Order samples and save on your order.  TWP stain is paint thinner cleanup and will not peel unlike most waterborne coatings found in box stores.  TWP will penetrate deep into the wood to slow down the rotting process.  TWP wood deck sealant is know in the industry as the “best deck stain”.  Buy where the pros buy at the lowest price.

TWP stain dealer Are you a Deck Restoration Contractor? 

Interested in Where to Buy the TWP 1500 or TWP 100 Series Wood and Deck stain? We can ship the TWP 1500 or 100 Series stain to any of the 48 lower US States with free shipping on 5 gallon pails.   Call us for a price quote to beat the retail  prices you have been paying through the lumber yards or paint stores.  We offer dealer pricing on TWP Cedartone 101 pallet buys better than the prices quoted online.  We purchase by the truckload to save you money.  We are located 45 minutes from Ohio and 20 minutes from Canada in Metro Detroit Michigan.  We offer deck contractors a competitive advantage over their competition on TWP stain pricing. We offer  next day shipping to Michigan deck contractors or pick up from our Metro Detroit, MI warehouse. Hugh inventory of all colors.

New decks need to be cleaned in order to get maximum life out of TWP stain.  Most homeowners think since they have a new deck they do not have to clean the deck, just stain it.  skipping the cleaning process  does not let the stain penetrate into the wood.  Cedar wood has a mill glaze on it which does not allow the stain to penetrate.  By using a cleaner it removes the mill glaze and opens the wood pores. You should also use a brightener on cedar wood after the cleaner is used to blonde the wood and make sure the PH balance in the wood is correct.  Life expectancy on new cedar wood is typically 1 season for the first application.  The second time the wood is sealed you can expect 18-24 months.  Do not over apply the TWP stain.

where to buy twp stain How to remove TWP deck stain.

TWP stain is very easy to reapply and remove.  Gemini Restore A Deck kit contains a mild cleaner/stripper that will easily remove TWP stain.  When floors become uneven due to traffic or simply wear out it is easy to remove and then reapply another coat or two.  First mix the powder with water in a 5 gallon bucket and mix.  Pour contents into a pump sprayer and spray it on the deck floor. Either agitate it with an acid brush then rinse off or pressure wash off.  After the deck is cleaned and all of the TWP stain is removed apply the brightener to the wood, rinse it off after 5-10 minutes and let dry.  Then it is time to stain the deck with TWP transparent stain.

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