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TWP 100 series stain is very popular with deck contractors and deck owners. TWP stain is extremely easy to apply to exterior wood surfaces. TWP 100 series stain is oil based and paint thinner cleanup. TWP is available in 6 popular Transparent wood tones. TWP – Total Wood Preservative stain or sealer is an Amteco product. TWP 100 series stain is an excellent water sealer and is EPA registered product. TWP is a 1 coat preservative on vertical surfaces. TWP – Total Wood Preservative stain. TWP deck stain is available in gallon & 5 gallon pails. Only TWP 1500 is available in Maine

Why Choose TWP®twp stain

• Easy to apply and maintain
• 3 to 5 years average life protection on vertical surfaces
• Minimum 1 year protection on deck floors
• EPA Registered Preservative
• Excellent reviews by several independent testing facilities
• Product of choice by professional deck contractor

Why Treat Exterior Wood?

• Preserves and protects wood from warping, cracking and splitting
• Prevents water absorption and wood rot
• Stops UV damage and maintains color
• Eliminates mold and mildew that causes wood to turn gray
• Retains natural wood beauty

Application and Helpful Hints

TWP® Stain Application
• Mix/shake product thoroughly
• Wood should be clean, dry, free of any previous coating and applied above 50 degrees F
• Prepare and cover all surrounding areas to prevent all overspray
• Apply flood coat using TWP® Deck Sprayer, brush or roller
• If needed, apply second coat wet on wet
• DO NOT allow TWP® to puddle
• Excessive stain that does not penetrate, may cause failure

TWP® Helpful Hints
• Overnight dry time depending upon temperature and humidity
• Do NOT thin TWP®
• Mineral Spirits clean up
• Do not apply below 50 degrees F.
• Coverage rate is 200-400 sq. ft. per gallon
• Always cover and protect surrounding areas that are not being coated with TWP®
• Keep TWP® off glass, vegetation, concrete and any other surface


Click here to order TWP 100 series stain | TWP 1500 series stain | Gemini Restore-A-Deck | TWP Samples